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snféin :1 peaceful country ; ~—yet what 13--r ]EREMIAH. EvER—L1vm<; planted you, when a. green fair olive, with beautiful fruit. With the roar of a great crowd He

17 sets you ou {ire, and destroys your boughs! And the LORD of HOSTS, Who planted, has caused a bad report to come upon you, because of the sins of the House of Israel and the House of judah which they have committed, insulting Me by burning incense to 'Hpnu n Gbuuspirazg in marker tbz 18 21 ¥r¤pb2i· When the EvER~x.1vmo informed

me of it I knew and saw their con- spiracies. But I was like a gentle lamb led out for slaughter, and knew nothing how they had contrived plots against me, to make an assault, and to cut off from the land of the living and my name from every memory. But, LORDOF HOSTS, judge rightly

their secret thoughts and heart! I shall see vengeance upon them ! For I have displayed my cause to You. Therefore the EVER-LIVING says

thus to the men of Anathoth who Preach not in the name of the EVER-LIVING! Then you will not die by our hands}

22 The Loan oF Hosrs, however, I will repay them! Their youths shall die by the sword, their sons and daughters shall die

23 from hunger, and not aremnant shall be left tothem, for I will bring evil upon the men of Anathoth, in the year of their punishmentf 12 O EvER—L1v1NG, You arerighteous, therefore I will appeal to You. Yes l I will discuss with You. Why do the wicked prosper,-—all the treacherous traitors? They are planted and take root, they grow up and produce fruit, You are close to their mouths,-—-but

their thoughts are far from You. But You, Evan-uvmo, know, You see and prove my heart by Yourself. Pull them out like sheep for slaugh- ter, and consign to the day of killing! How long shall the countryfaint and

the grass of all the field wither,—~—for the wickedness of its inhabitants? The cattle and the fowls perish. Yet - We shall not see the last ' If you have run with the footmen,

and are panting,~—how will you turn with the horsemen ? Although you are will you do in the floodsof the jordan ? If with your brothers, and in the 6 I0 house- of your father, they betray you;-—·if they call after to seize you ;-—trust them not when they speak fair to you. Eb: I¤rD’¤ Qisguzt at Israel. I have forsaken My house! I have

abandoned My estate! I have given the darling of My soul to the hand of her enemies! My inheritance has become like a lion in the forest, she has raised her voice against Me, so I hate her. Myinheritance is a wild hyena to Me. Wild beasts sur- round her! They go, they collect all the beasts of the field, they bring them to devour! Many guards have spoiled My

vineyard. They have trampled its beds, they have made My beautiful beds a desolate desert. They have 1: desolated her grass—plots,—~they deso- late all the land, yet no one lays it to heart. Ravagers have gone to all the smooth pastures, for the sword. of the LORD devours from one edge of the country to the other edge of the land,··~there is no peace for anyone. They have sown wheat and reaped

thorns; they have no result; and are ashamed of their produce; be- cause the anger of the LORD burns. I2

remix: uf Qhuptimz Qizrzh is the Qzuthzn. To all the

the bad neighbours of My Inherit· ance, that I have allowed My People Israel to possess, I will pull them off their land, and pull the House, of judah from among them. And it shall happen after I have pulled them up-, I will turn and havepity upon them, and restore thern each to his homestead and each to his district. But then if they learn the way of My People, teaching themselves to swear by My Name, ‘By the life of the Even-L1vm<;,’ as they taught My People to swear by Bal, they shall be built into the midst of My People. But if they will not listen, then I will pull up those Nations, and destroy says the Even-Liviuo. Elly: §nr¤ltl¢ of the (|§irDlz. The Evan-1.1vmG said this to me, ‘ Co and buy yourself alinen girdle, 503 x6 18

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