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The Books of the Prophets

HOSEA. and Snbbaths, amd all hcr Assemblies. adorned herself with rings, and neck· ‘ But, afterwards, I will entreat her

she shall sing there as in the days of her youth, and as in the times of that she said, ‘ These are mine; my Held shall eat them. ‘ I will also punish her for the

Balim days, on which she burnt incense to them, on which she laces, and went after her paramours, says the EVER·LIv1NG. and lead her out into the country and speak to her heart. And give her a vineyard there, and the Vale of Sorrow as an opening to Hope, and 2···I4 16 And take away her vines, and figs paramours gave me them; ‘ and make them a forest, and the beasts of the her girlhoocl, when she came from Mitzer. And then she will call Me her Husband, and no longer her Master, and I will take the names of her ‘ Masters} from her mouth and she will no longer remember their names. I will also at that time make a new contract for her, with the wild beasts of the field, and the birds of the skies, and the reptiles of the ground, when I will break from the earth the bow, sword, and war, and men shall dwell in safety. I will also wed you to Myself for ever,-··-I will wed you to Myself in Righteousness and justice, and Gentleness, and Mercy, and I will wed you to Myself in Truth and Knowledge of the EVER- L1v1NG. W;2 Qutlyzm uf Qiiuh mth §i¤ Grzntinn. says the LIFE, I will sing to the skies, They also shall sing to the earth ; And the Earth herself sing to the Corn, And the Vine, and the Olive, And they, also, sing to the Harvest ' I will plant her for me in the Land, An'} have mercy on her who had none; Tho' I said ‘ Not My People} My People you are; And, she reply, ‘ You are My GOD.’ But the LORD again said to me ; ‘Go! Love your wife, the lover of wickedness, and an adulteressl For the LORD loves the Children of Israel, although they turn to seducing gods,—~—and love raisin cakes! S0 I bought her for myself for ten

silvers, and a homer and a half of You shall stay long without me,--you shall not prostitute yourself, nor offer yourself to men,—-—and then I will be yours! In the same way the Children of

Israel shall stay for a long time, without a. King; and without a leader ; and without a sacrifice; and without a Capital; and without an Ephod or Teraphim l At last the Children of Israel will

return, and seek the LORD their GOD, and David their King, and reverence the Lonn and His beneficence,in the future ages! 2 jllrzsngz @zn¤unring 3¤1·n21’¤ Sins.

Hear the LORD’s message, you sons of Israel! For the Land's people contend with the LORD. For there is no truth,——-·and there is no mercy, And there is no knowledge of GOD in the country ! But there is perjury, lying and theft l Adultery is rampant, and blood follows blood Therefore the Country is weak and is languid, And the beasts of the field, and the birds of the skies, And even the fish in the waters all faint! Alas, no man warns! No man will reprove! And your people like priests who revolt! And you and your Preachers both stumble by day, So at night I will lock up both your mother and you. For want of reflection My people will perish; For you have rejected all thought from yourselves. 599 IS 20 2I 22

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