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The Books of the Prophets

3-1 I ·» HABAKUK. Sun and Moon stood still in their circuit, As Your arrows flew like the light , And Your spear with lightning flash! You marched through the land in fury, T he Heathen thrashed in rage! You came to save Your People; With Your Messiah to win ; -· Crushed the Chief of the House of Rebellion, Td roon the base of his neck l - Stabbed with their darts his squadrons, Who to scatter rushed like a storm , Who loved to devour the poor in secret! Your horsemen marched on the Sea, On the foaming watery waves! I heard and my bowels shivered , My lips were convulsed at the sound I Andrweakness subdued my vigour, And disturbance succeeded rest I At the day the Tyrant advanced To assail our Race with troops! Yet, though the Fig-tree bloom not,-—· d Anthe Vine give no increase , Though the Olives’ producteceases, And the Fields produce no food , And the flocks be cut off from the fold, And no bullock is seen in the stall,- Yet I will rejoice in jehovah, Rejoice in my Saviour, GOD! The MIGHTY LORD will support me, And makemy feet like a stag's, And I will march on the Mountains Qk Qsnlm. To the Leader of My Singers. END OF THE Boox OF THE PROPHET HABAKUK. 641 3-Ig U 12 ;5 18
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