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ness ;··—0ppressive blackness and driv- ing gloom! Yet not such blackness Cu. 8 Oozs x4, 15, 16, Boox I. ISAIAH. 22 to distress and hunger ;—·—and when they hunger and suHer and curse their King and their God, they will examine the Sky! and search the earth ;·-but only see trouble and dark- as that which oppressed her when at a former time He denounced the land of Zebulon, and the land of Naph- thali; and afterwards more heavily the district by the sea,—-Galilee of the Tribes beyond the jordan. One 15. 6nD Qrnxniszz Qin fznplz light mth Sibzrlg. The Nation walking in darkness see a resplendent Light l Those shut in a land of shadows,——·light has appeared to them! You have increased the Nation! Have You not increased its joy ? They thank You, as with thanks at harvest, As they dance when dividing spoil! For the yoke it bore, and the shoulder beam, And the driver’s rod, You broke at the judgment Day: When every Warri0r’s striding boot And his garments rolled in gore, Were burnt in devouring hre. For a Son has been born, a Gift to us, On His shoulder the Princedom rests, The Wonderful Counsellor, call His name, Great Leader, Time’s Father, the Prince of Peace! Now endless Order and Peace shall spread, O'er David’s Kingdom and throne; To build and secure by justice and Right, From now to eternal Time! This, the Power of the LORD 01* Hosirs will dol ODE 16. 3 §atbziir Warning in Ssracl. To jacob a word the Loan sent, but it lighted on Israel, And informed all his tribe of Ephraim and Shomeron's people, Proud and big-hearted who say, ‘ The brickwork has fallen ;——we will rebuild it with marble ; The Sycamores they have cut down,—but we will replace them with cedars l ’ But the LORD, Retzin’s foes will excite, and join against him his opponents, Aram in front, and Philistia behind;-wide·mouthed shall devour Israel. For all this His anger turns not, but His hand is extended still. Yet, the Nation, though struck, will not turn, nor seek for the Rulerof Armies; So the LORD will from Israel cut off head and tail, root and twig in a· day. The judge and the Noble are Head,——·ar1d the Tail is the false-visioned Prophet. Thos; who mislead them are blessed by this race,-—and their blessing destroys t em. So my Prince delights not in its youths nor pities its widows and orphans, For they are all wicked and worthless, and every mouth speaks indeception. For all this His anger turns not, but His hand is extended still. For like tire in briars and thorns shall Wickedness Hare up, Consume and kindle thetrash, and fiercely the smoke shall roll; When the Loan or Hos·rs’ anger bums up the Land, and the people are fuel. None pities his brother, but tears his right hand and is hungry; 425 I0 II 12 16 18
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