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The Books of the Prophets

ISAIAH.~ ()u1zs 16, 17, Boox I. Cu. g. 20 10 I0 II I2 16 18 20 And unsatisfied eats of his 1cft,—· devouring the flesh of his arm. Mcnasseh of Ephraim, Ephraim of Menasseh, and both of them joined upon judahl For all this His anger turns nett-—but His hand is extended still. Woe! you enacters of wicked decrees,—·-a,¤d prououucers of cruel decisions, To tum oif the weak from their right, and strip My poorpeople of justice, T0 make widows their prey and orphans their spoil! What will you do in the dey of assize, which will come from afar with a. crash E To whom will you Hy to seek help? And with whom will you hide up your wealth? Abandoned by Me you will crouch in your chains, or fall down with the wounded I-- For all this His anger turns not,—-but His hand is extended still. Ons 1:7. ®¤h’s iidlnrning in the itlruuir Zlssgrians. Woe to Ashur the rod of My anger l He is only the stick in the hand of My rage! To a Nation depraved I will send him. And over My people revolted, appoint, To plunder the plunder, and spoiling to spoil And 'lay them for treading like dirt in the streets. But he does not know it, his-heart does not think so; His wish is to waste and destroy many Nations, Are not each of my Captains like Kings? And is not Kalno become like Karkeniish? And is not Hamath become like to Arpad ? And Shomeron like to Damascus ? he says, “ did my hands find the Kingdoms and Gods? Are jerusalem’s and Shomeron’s finer? Why, as to Shomerou I did and her Godlings, Should I not to jerusalem do and her buildings But when on jerusalem and on Mount Zion My Prince has completed the whole of His work, He will pour onthe proud—hearted Monarch of Ashur The fruit of His splendour and pride of His eyes, I have worked by my courage and wisdom, When prudent I swept off the boundaries of Nations, And crushed like a hero, the dwellers in them. And my hand found a nest with the Wealth of the Peoples, And I gathered the unguarded eggs of all lands ; I swept up for myself and no wing dared to strike, Nor any mouth open or chatter at mel How can the Axe boast as if using its Wielder? And the Saw as much more than the Sawyer who drives ? The Club, as not Wood, raise its hand on its user? For this the Almighty Commander of Armies, Will send a Consumption upon all his fatness, And under his glory light slow creeping fire. Israel’s LIGHT be the tire, and HIS HQLY the flame, And in a day burn up his thorns and his `oriars, And his glorious Forest and sweebsmelling Carmel; Shall depress the whole mass, like a Leader who faints, And the number of trees that remain to his forest, Shall be what an infant can easily count! And then lsrael’s remnant, and ]acob’s delivered 436
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